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Hail to the Powerful Pergola!

Do you have a pergola yet? If not, are you thinking your next outdoor living project might include one?

Archadeck of Birmingham created an at-home oasis for these Mountain Brook homeowners.

If you’re dreaming up a new deck or pool deck, Archadeck of Birmingham can design and build the perfect pergola as part of your project. We custom-design each pergola to add style to a client’s outdoor living space. A pergola can also provide shade – when designed intentionally for that purpose. Just let us know how much shade you expect, and we will design a pergola for the job.

Ancient Architecture or Cutting-edge Modern Design Element?

— This custom pergola features unique picture-framed openings.

Pergolas have come a long way in the past few years, from temporary obscurity to prominence. Pergolas are not new, but they’ve found new life recently – first as a trending item and now a must-have. Many homeowners feel an open-to-the-sky outdoor living project, such as a deck, would not be complete without a pergola.

Wooden deck with custom pergola.

Like us, you may recall the days when people couldn’t remember the name, pergola. They would say something like, You know, that tall thing on posts with slats across the top? Kind of like a trellis or an arbor, only bigger and more substantial? You know, one of those! As pergolas found their place in present-day outdoor living design, they moved from the garden to the deck, patio, and pool deck.

Benefits of Including a Pergola on a Birmingham Deck

Our clients have expressed a variety of reasons for requesting pergolas. Here are some of the benefits pergolas deliver:

• A pergola adds style and flair as an outdoor design element.
• A pergola adds vertical interest by contrasting the horizontal lines of a deck.
• A pergola can serve as a shade structure, depending on how it is designed.
• A pergola can help anchor – or frame – a deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen/grill area.
• A pergola can add privacy and intimacy to any open-air surface.
• A pergola can serve as a sturdy structure from which to hang a swing – or even a bed swing!
• A pergola can provide the perfect setting for built-in seating on a deck.


Your Birmingham-area Pergola Designer

Archadeck of Birmingham is your pergola designer in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Because each outdoor living project we design is unique to a specific client and their home, the pergolas we design for them are unique, too. We can build pergolas with wood, composite decking, vinyl, PVC, and aluminum. Wood pergolas are often enhanced with stain or paint. A pergola made of PVC will take paint very well, too. Vinyl pergolas are usually white, while composite decking comes in many colors, as you know. Aluminum pergolas come in a variety of colors, too.

Do You Want Your Pergola Designed for Shade?

You are to be forgiven if you thought all pergolas provide shade. It’s a common misconception, so when a client wants to include a pergola in the outdoor living space we are designing for them, we always talk about shade. The amount of shade they expect or require, is an important factor in the design of their pergola. Regardless of the material we use for a pergola, by making adjustments to the pergola design we can increase or decrease the amount of shade it will provide. The first determinant is the orientation of the pergola to the path of the sun. The second is the angle of the slats or rafters across the top of the pergola. Finally, for maximum shade we can add a shade fabric across the top, or polycarbonate sheeting. Both shade fabric and polycarbonate sheeting can filter UV rays to keep you comfortable and protected from burning.

Outfitting Your Birmingham Pergola

While a pergola makes its own dramatic statement, we can increase the function of your pergola by adding lights and a ceiling fan. No ceiling, no problem – as long as you have a pergola! If you’re looking for privacy on your deck or beside your pool or spa, we can design a privacy screen as part of the pergola structure. Do you love swings? We cannot stress enough how much fun it is to use your pergola as support for a swing! We have even designed a pergola-like frame to support a bed swing. Tell us what you want from your pergola, and we will get creative to make it happen.

Want to incorporate a stunning pergola into your Birmingham deck, patio, or pool deck project? Call for a free design consultation at (205) 970-0121 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to creating the unique pergola that will set off your outdoor living space perfectly!

— Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.

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